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Definition: “RFQ” (Request for Qualifications)

An RFQ is a Request for Qualifications and it is used to attract a group of applicants who are interested in participating in a project or event and then screen and select the artists based on their portfolios and credentials.

As opposed to an RFP (Request for Proposals), which calls fzAaa zzz al poPor artists to submit a specific proposal for a project, an RFQ only calls for submission of materials to demonstrate the artist’s abilities and style.  RFQs are often used for large projects that require a team of artists, designers, architects, or engineers working with public works personnel and other city departments to develop an initial proposal.

RFQs are used for many other types of work besides art and design and those that are related to art projects are often published as a “Call for Artists” announcement.

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Author: Brown Miller

Brown Miller is the Media and Technology Director of the Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs, CA. He is primarily engaged in the promotion of artists and the arts in general in the Coachella Valley, focusing on Desert Hot Springs. Miller's goal is to help Desert Hot Springs artists and arts organizations professionalize their operations and practices and get a cohesive creative community and economy established. He is involved with the Arts District Committee in Desert Hot Springs and has started an online community for cultural districts information at

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