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Definition: “Artist Statement”


An Artist Statement is a portion of text, between one paragraph and one page long, that is written by the artist, usually in the the first person.

An artist will have many statements like these for a wide variety purposes.

These are some of the aspects of artist statements and the ways in which they may differ:

  • Scope – the focus of the statement may be

    • the artist’s entire career
    • the artist’s current and recent projects
    • the artist’s past projects or early career
    • a future project for which the artist is seeking funding
    • one particular completed project, piece, or exhibition
    • an organization of which the artist is a part
    • an event in which the artist is involved
    • a campaign or a cause that the artist is supporting
  • Audience – the readers of the statement may be

    • potential buyers, gallery customers
    • gallery owners or curators
    • review boards or show juries
    • public art selection panelist
    • the press, media, marketing, or public relations
    • admissions or other review boards of educational institutions
    • grantmakers or potential sponsors
    • reviewers and critics
    • the general public
  • Context – the statement may be read as

    • the first page of a press kit
    • an attachment to a press release
    • a handout or posted sign at an exhibition
    • as part of a brochure, catalog, ecommerce site, or event program
    • as part of a grant application or project proposal
    • as part of a scholarship or school admission application
    • as part of a donor card or sponsorship deck
  • Length – statements may be

    • just a line or two
    • a full paragraph
    • three short paragraphs
    • a full page


Help Writing  Artist Statements

These are some excellent sources of information on artist statement:

GYST, Artist Statement Guidelines

WikiHow, How to Write an Artist Statement



Author: Brown Miller

Brown Miller is the Media and Technology Director of the Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs, CA. He is primarily engaged in the promotion of artists and the arts in general in the Coachella Valley, focusing on Desert Hot Springs. Miller's goal is to help Desert Hot Springs artists and arts organizations professionalize their operations and practices and get a cohesive creative community and economy established. He is involved with the Arts District Committee in Desert Hot Springs and has started an online community for cultural districts information at

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  1. Great helpful article. I’ve put off working on my artist statement knowing how important it is, thanks Brown for the information and motivation.