Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs




Our Purpose

Our ultimate goal is to unite the creative community and provide a solid infrastructure consisting of legal, financial, logistical, technical, and promotional facilities, services and resources for local artists, arts organizations, and arts educators in and around the city of Desert Hot Springs, CA.  In support of this ultimate purpose, we include advocacy for artists and arts organizations, support for arts education, and support for public arts programs.

Why Do We Need Artists?

What Do Artists Need?

How To Help

Mission & Goals

Who We Are

DHS Arts Center


Governing Documents

Incorporation & EIN

IRS Filings

13 thoughts on “About AFDHS

  1. Please keep me informed on all meeting dates times and locations.
    Also how to I connect to your blog??

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    • I will send you an invitation to become a blog contributor right now. Once you accept and link or create your wordpress account you will be able submit articles, media, links, etc. and we will approve them promptly.

      We are anti-censorship, so unless you try to post something illegal or defamatory we will most likely approve it.

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  2. Please keep me in the loop about AFDHS. Janice, I came to one of the meeting a month ago. Roger Hopkins introduced me. Congrats on the development.

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  3. Arts and Culture Contribute $100 Million to the Ann Arbor Economy! Imagine if DHS where to capitalize on 1 percent of those numbers. It may take a couple of years, but I believe we can do it!


  4. Art is not what you See,
    but what you make others See, Edgar Degas

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  5. My husband and I just bought a home in Desert Hot Springs and will be moved in by mid January. I am a “budding” artist and look foward to what this organization will offer for locals.

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    • Thank you, Cheryl. As an artist trying to get a start here in the desert, what would you want an organization like ours provide. and what kind of involvement would you like to have?

      Tell us more about your art.

      Welcome to Desert Hot Springs!


  6. As a caring resident of Desert Hot Springs, I am gratified to find that this organization has been formed. and am looking forward to wonderful cultural activities sourced by this wonderful non-profit. May it thrive.

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  7. I am an artist living in DHS would like to know more about organization. Was recently chosen for the ACE exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum for the second year in a row. I am relatively new to area moved here from New York in 2011. I would like to get involved in this organization was very pleased to learn that it existed.
    Elaine Sigwald

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    • That’s great, Elaine. What did you have in mind as far as involvement?

      What kind of programs and services do you think we should offer to the community and to artists?

      Congrats on the exhibition!


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