Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs


Mission & Goals

Our Mission

As our motto reflects – Uniting the Creative Community, Igniting the Creative Economy – our mission is twofold:

Unite Our Creative Community with forums, workshops, and membership-based resources to build connections and opportunities to expand their creative presence.

Organize resources, raise funds, and initiate projects that create an Infrastructure for Art, Media, and Cultural Development in the City of Desert Hot Springs, CA and surrounding areas.

Our Goals

We will further our mission by creating Working Groups, Cultural Partnerships, and a Pool of Experts and Artisans to feed an environment of creativity and exploration in the temporary and permanent residents of Desert Hot Springs.

We will build strong relationships with Educators, Mentors, and public and private sector Veterans who can help us tackle the greatest obstacles and build the most essential supports for a Thriving Creative Community.

Some of the issues and needs we will be addressing are:

  • Public Performance Space: an Amphitheatre of naturalist design in harmony with the environment, using the mountains natural acoustic amplification, with a solar panel shaded parking lot.  Also on the premises, we envision a Performing Arts Education Center where aspiring Musicians, Playwrights, Dancers, Stage Directors, etc. can access quality training and inspiring work experience.
  • The Art District: this is a redevelopment idea that is gaining momentum in the City Council and with interested citizens.  AFDHS supports this wholeheartedly!  We are here to facilitate dialogue between the necessary experts and authorities to create a thriving arts environment that feeds the economic and cultural needs of the community.
  • Access to Properties: unused Redevelopment Agency (RDA) buildings in the heart of the downtown area, tied up in red tape from the California RDA dissolution acts of 2012 (ABx1 26 and AB 1484) could be put to use for Art and Cultural purposes.  We need to do the legwork and fundraising necessary to get these properties freed up from bureaucratic stasis.
  • Development of Policies and Procedures: the Public Arts Fund and Public Art Programs in Desert Hot Springs are limited largely due to insufficient staffing, funding, organization, and information.  The creative community and city government needs to collaborate on processes that ensure responsible and intelligent use of the precious resources of our City and Natural Environment.
  • Arts Education for the whole Community, including:
    • Developing existing programs like the
      • DHSHS Student Film screenings at the local film festivals, the
      • State Championship winning DHS High School Band, and the
      • DHS Got Talent Competition
    • Creating new School and Children’s programs: like
      • Theatre, Comedy and Dance troupes
      • New Media and Interactive Art studies, and
      • Partnerships with higher and private Education Institutions like
      • to provide scholarship assistance and career path support for our new high school graduates and other young people with creative skills
      • Community Education programs like
        • free Digital Art or Art Appreciation workshops for Senior and Disabled citizens
        • Community Art Museum
        • Discounted or Free admissions to Art and Cultural Events and Attractions for volunteers or contributors to local Charities and Public Service Agencies, or our very own
        • Film Festival showcasing the great, local films that don’t make it into bigger festivals.
  • A Museum of Coachella Valley Arts: a place where the work and memorabilia of unique artists and creative individuals from around the Coachella Valley and High Desert areas can be housed, curated, exhibited, and remembered.  In preparation for this, we are already offering a program under which we will attempt to rescue creative works and/or documentation of a creative career for an Artist whose body of work is in danger of being lost due to neglect, financial misfortune, loss of life or cognition without proper planning and documentation, or any other reason.

We are committed to bringing these things to fruition.

Envision a Future Desert Hot Springs

Ultimately, we see our City taking full advantage of these key factors:

  1. Our Geography and Geology is unique and special in that we are located right in the crux in the parting of three mountain ranges.  We are the nexus between the Coachella Valley, the High Desert, and the Inland Empire; and at the intersection of two underground aquifers, one with cold springs, and the other with hot springs.  The conceptual significance of this should be understood and used as an asset and a symbol of our purpose as a community.

    Little San Bernardino Mountains © 2004 Matthew Trump

    Little San Bernardino Mountains © 2004 Matthew Trump

  2. Our Demographics are set apart from most other Desert Cities whose populations are largely transient or seasonal and have large retirement segments, whereas ours is comprised of mostly working families, and is more culturally diverse with one of the lowest median age in the valley.
  3. Our Undeveloped Land is an asset to a town looking to attract fresh, creative new residents to build and join our burgeoning art community.  Inexpensive real estate and artists have gone hand in hand since primitive humans first doodled on cave walls.  Our serene, untouched desert is far more attractive and inspiring than a teardown in East LA.

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