Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs


Who We Are

Officers & The Board

Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs currently has 8 board members, individuals who are artists, designers, business people, and art lovers that live or work in Desert Hot Springs and recognize its potential. We believe it is time to elevate our creative community and use the arts to tackle some of the area’s social challenges.

Board Member Profiles

This is currently a volunteer-based organization and we are actively seeking to fill several vital volunteer positions requiring special skills / expertise:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Development Strategist
  • Event Producer
  • Legal & Technical Advisors

Online Communities & Forums

To achieve our goals we will be operating several online services to facilitate meaningful dialog and creative interchange among artists, public arts administrators, educators, government officials , community groups, local businesses, and private citizens.

Currently we have a Facebook Group, other social media accounts (see the SOCIAL menu option at the top of the page,) and this web site to serve as  a community forum.  As funding becomes available we will develop more specialized services and tools for the Art Foundation DHS community.

Upcoming Membership Program

In the near future we are preparing to transition this site to a member-focused structure. To determine what programs and services will be most useful as part of a membership package we will need input from local artists and others in the community. Possible membership types might include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Music Groups & Performing Artists (bookings, promotional support, online community, event production and documentation)
  • Arts Patrons (discounted or free admission to our cultural partners’ events, special gifts, etc)
  • Businesses (ongoing sponsorship, business improvement)
  • Arts Organizations (fiscal sponsorships for groups awaiting 501c3 determinations, and letters of support)
  • City staff, boards, commissions, and committees working with the arts. (professional development, advisory boards, jury panels, research, etc)

Please comment or contact us using the “contact us” menu item above if you’d like to tell us what kind of membership services would be valuable to you.

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