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Today was World Water Day. March 22nd 2016. 

The event involved projects of all kinds with participating organizations and individuals all over the world contributing work. One section is the Ideas section. There are three pillars to the projects in the Ideas section, all associated with the twitter hashtag #WaterIs.

Water Is: Work

Water Is: Change

Water Is: Art

In the Water Is Art category, there were many incredible projects in every discipline of the arts. In particular though, this online exhibit by Flippant Media / Gallereplay caught my eye and I thought it was ideal to share in our blog because it is specific to the online medium. It is also shockingly informational and puts things in extraordinary perspective for those of us lucky enough to live with ample water availability.

One frightening statistic in this exhibit is about the world’s aquifers, two of which our city is built on top of. 20% of the aquifers on the planet are being overexploited and causing permanent damage to ecosystem that sustains them. My understanding is that an aquifer is an almost endlessly renewable resource if not overused, but when too much is pumped out of it the land begins to collapse and groundwater well casings are compromised. This article on describes the problems here in California.

“We are pumping at historic levels,” said Mark Cowin, head of the California Department of Water Resources. He added that groundwater levels are dropping to record levels—up to 100 feet lower than previously recorded.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation last year that requires monitoring of groundwater pumping. However, local officials have until 2020 and in some cases until 2022 to write their management plans, so it could take another decade or two before California has a handle on groundwater use, Cowin said.

“I don’t think we can end overdraft or subsidence overnight,” he said. “We do need to take action.”

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In fact, NASA satellites have captured data indicating a massive global land subsidence problem and NASA scientists put the figure at two thirds of the world’s aquifers at risk.

NASA Satellite data indicating global land subsidence due to aquifer depletion

Our local aquifers are tiny compared to the ones elsewhere on the globe. But still, we should do all we can to set an example for the rest of the world. As the home of the local Groundwater Guardians, Desert Hot Springs should rise to the forefront of this issue and speak out to our legislators in Sacramento and at the National and International levels.

Lets start planning our project for next year’s World Water Day now! 





Press Release: Simi Dabah Honored by City Council for 8 Donated Sculptures

For  Immediate Release:

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mayor, Scott Matas and the City Council held a ribbon cutting ceremony for artist, Simi Dabah, in recognition of his donation of 8 large sculptures to the City. The event took place just a half an hour before the regular City Council meeting at the Carl May Community Center and City Council Chambers.

Spiral Shaped Sculpture with High School in Background

Simi Dabah sculpture installed near Desert Hot Springs High School

The Dabahs, Simi and his wife, arrived in Desert Hot Springs earlier in the day and were given a tour of the city by Public Works Manager, Daniel Porras, and also met with the Mayor for a short period.

The ceremony was brief, but memorable, with all the Arts Commissioners and City Council members standing in front of the dias and the mayor and other other speakers coming up to the podium to make statements. After presenting Simi with an honorarium he made a short speech, and everyone lined up with the 8 posters with photos of the sculptures for the ribbon cutting.

After the ceremony the Dabahs, Larry Bowden, the president of the Dabah’s Foundation, and his wife, and Commissioner Gough went to dinner at Casablanca restaurant on Pierson Blvd. just down the street from the Carl May Center.

The Dabahs stayed the night at the 5 star Two Bunch Palms resort here in Desert Hot Springs, courtesy of Commissioner Gough and the Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs of which she is President and Chair.

The sculptures were installed earlier in January and can be seen in the medians on Palm Drive and Pierson Blvd. and one at Veterans Park at the top of Palm Drive.

Previous Press Coverage

Desert Hot Springs Gets 8 Simi Dabah Sculptures” by Kia Farhang, Desert Sun, January 19th, 2016

More information about Simi Dabah

Simi Dabah Artist Profile by AFDHS


Simi Dabah is based in Los Angeles but has a ranch/studio in Joshua Tree.

His sculptures have been donated to dozens of locations for permanent installation on public or non-profit owned properties all over southern California.

Press Contact for Simi Dabah

Larry Bowden, President

Simi Dabah Sculpture Foundation

Tel: 760-910-3886


Public Arts Contact for the City of Dlesert Hot Springs

Michael Picardi